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Credit Cards that gives you Advantages
When using any of your Millennium bim VISA Credit Cards to pay for your purchases, you may be entitled to have discounts at shops and merchants partnering with the Bank.
Take full advantage of paying with your Millennium bim VISA Credit Card!


Programa Vantagem Visa (VISA Advantage Program)
  • Customers using their Millennium bim Credit Card to pay for goods and/or services are granted discounts over the displayed price;
  • The discounted percentage and conditions of eligibility are given by the participating merchant;
  • The Bank will be responsible for disseminating and promoting the VISA Advantage Program, keeping up to date all the information about participanting merchants and their benefits in the respective page of the Bank's website.
  • Each merchant displays its participation to the Program and must inform about the discounts given.
In order to be eligible for the benefits of the VISA Advantage Program, you just need to have a Millennium bim Credit Card and use it to pay for the goods and services adquired at merchants and shops partnering with the Bank.


Partners of the Vantagem VISA (VISA Advantage) Program
The Vantagem VISA Program has an underlying network of partners of Millennium bim, from different industries, that offer discounts to Customers paying with a Millennium bim Credit Card.
Please check here the Partners of the Programa Vantagem VISA (VISA Advantage Program). 


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