What is Verified by VISA?

Verified by VISA (VbV) is an online service designed by VISA in order to ensure greater security in transactions on the Internet (e-Commerce).

With this service, online purchases made the payment now requires a password set by the customer, with the Millennium bim, upon accession to the VbV.

This service is available for Visa Debit and Credit Cards and works in adhesive and properly indentified sites as VbV.


How to use?

When making payments with your VISA card in compliant sites, the following will be you requested elements of your card:

  • Number;
  • Validity;
  • Security / Verification code.

Then a screen will appear with the identification of the Bank, in which it requested its VbV password.

After the Bank confirm the password, payment is validated. In order to make their purchases using VbV, you should make sure that the participating site is properly identified as VbV.

How to join?

To join Verified by Visa, enough to be holder of a VISA card and, at the time of joining the service, define a password and "Message" which will be used to authenticate online purchases you make with your VISA Card.

At any time you can change the set password in the "Password Recovery".

The holder of a Millennium bim Visa Card may subscribe to the VbV service while shopping in an adherent website, on a website properly identified as VbV or directly on a Verified by Visa website bellow.