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The VISA Classic Card is an international Credit Card belonging to the VISA network which is accepted everywhere in the world where this network is available.  

Revolving Flexibility
This Card gives you total flexibility, allowing you to easily manage your family's monthly budget, adjusting the level of repayment that you wish to do every month, starting at 10% up to 100%. 
Advantages at Lusomundo Theatres
When buying a cinema ticket with your VISA Classic Card, you can choose one of the following advantages:
  • When buying a ticket for the normal seats, you win a second ticket free of charge;
  • When buying a ticket for the Millennium bim lounge (VIP Area), the price will be the price of a standard ticket (normal seat).


Note: A maximum of 1 ticket per day and per Card will apply. Not valid with other promotions or discounts. It excludes 3D Digital upgrade, 3D glasses and VIP.
Programa Vantagem VISA (VISA Advantage Program) Partners
When purchasing at Millennium bim participating partners paying with your VISA Classic Card, you will benefit of immediate discount of up to 20% of the purchase price. Check here all participating shops and partners of the Programa Vantagem VISA.

Fees and Commission

For the issuance and usage of the VISA Gold Card an issuance and annual fee are charged for the first year. The following year, an annual fee is charged.  In the case of Card replacement, a substitution fee is also charged, except if the replacement is due to Card expiration.
The issuance, annual and substitution fees are published in the Bank's Price List available online and at any Millennium bim Branch.
The VISA Classic Card allows you to make purchases and obtain Cash Advance on credit in Mozambique and elsewhere in the world where the VISA network is available, and also allows the monitoring of movements and balances through ATMs.
It gives you complete flexibility in the management of your household budget, since every month it gives you the option to pay any amount, from 10% up to the entire balance owed​​, with a free grace period that can reach 50 days.
Safety of Fraudulent Usage
In the case of loss or theft of your Card, please notify the Bank immediately using the following phone numbers:
+258 21 35 00 35
+258 82 35 00 350
+258 84 35 00 350
+258 86 35 00 350
+14 10 58 836 (VISA, Multilingual)
Upon notification of the event, Millennium bim and VISA will trigger the appropriate procedures to prevent the abusive and fraudulent use of the Card by third parties.


You can apply for the VISA Classic Card at any  Millennium bim Branch.

Access Requirements

  • Owning a Current Account in MZN at Millennium bim;
  • Presentation of your Identification Document: I.D., D.I.R.E or Passport.

The approval by the Bank is subject to a Risk Analysis and creditworthiness decision.