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It is a Current Account in local currency, designed for you, that provides an added value Personalized Service, in an exclusive space dedicated to the Prestige Segment. In addition, the Prestige Account includes the following benefits:
Banking Transfers
Free of charge transfers when between Millennium bim Accounts of the same owner in MZM, using Millennium bim Electronic Banking Channels (Millennium Internet Banking, Millennium bim Mobile and ATMs).
Debit Cards
Offering of Prestige Debit Cards to all Prestige Account Owners with exemption of the issuance and first annual fee payment. The Prestige Debit Card offers the following insurances to each of the Account's signatories: Civil Family Civic Responsibility; Purchase Protection and Personal Accidents.
Credit Card 
Offering of a Prestige VISA Gold Credit Card to the Account's first signatory, with the issuance and first annual fees free of charge.

And to address all of your financial needs, we can link your Prestige Account to the Solução Prestige (Prestige Solution), a combination of Products and Services designed and selected to provide you with an added value service.

Maintenance Fee

The Prestige Account has no maintenance fee or charge.

Inactivity Fee

When the Current Account balance is less than MZM 100,00 and presents no activity for more than 6 months, an inactivity fee will be charged, according to the Bank's Price List availble online or at any Millennium bim Branch.

Access Conditions

Individual Customers, resident or non-resident in Mozambique, with an average 6 month balance of at least MZN 350.000,00 or an average monthly income of MZN 60.000,00 or more.


  Prestige Client

Assignment of the Prestige Customer Profile, assuring you a personalized service through a Prestige Client Manager, is dedicated spaces for the Prestige Segment.
Exemption from payment of commissions on transfers between Millennium bim Accounts of the same Account Holder, in MZM, by debiting the Prestige Account provided that Automatic Channels are used (Millennium bim Internet Banking, Millennium bim Mobile and ATM’s).
  Debit Cards
Offering of Prestige Debit Cards to all Prestige Account holders, with the issuing and first annual fee free of charge. The Prestige Debit Card offers to each of its holders the following insurance: Family Civic Responsability, Purchase Protection and Personal Accidents.
  Credit Card

Offering of a Prestige VISA Gold Credit Card to the first signatory of the Prestige Account, with the issue and fist annual fee free of charge.
Transfer methods available include: Cards, Cheques, Transfer Orders, Millennium bim Internet Banking, Millennium bim Mobile and Linha Millennium bim (Call Centre).
Minimum Opening Amount

The minimum amount to open a Prestige Account is MZM 25.000,00.

To apply to a Prestige Account, please visit any Millennium bim Prestige Branch.

Mandatory Documentation

  • ​ID Card or D.I.R.E;
  • Local Authority Residence Declaration or household expense invoice (water, energy, telephone, etc) in the name of the account owner;
  • NUIT (Local Tax Identification).
  • What means to be a Prestige Customer?

    It means to have a dedicated Prestige Manager, whenever you need it. It means that you have at your disposal a wide choice of innovative Products and Services. It means having a bank working for you 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


    Who can open a Prestige Account at Millennium bim?

    The Prestige Account can be opened by any Customer, provided that he or she is an Individual resident in Mozambique, with an average 6 month Current Account balance of at least MZN 350.000,00 or a monthly income of MZN 60.000,00, or more.