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Crédito Pessoal Prestige is a solution that satisfies specific short and/or medium term financing needs, such as:

​         -  Consumer durables (travel, furniture, appliances, computer equipment);

  ​       -  Car maintenance expenses;

​​​​         -  House remodeling, among others.

​​​Financial charges associated to Crédito Pessoal Prestige are:

  • Fees: an organizational process committee;
  • Interest: an interest rate will be charged on the date of the granted finance. 
  • Standard Price List: Interest Rate: PRSF + Spread.​

The financial charges are according to the Bank's Price List, available at any Millennium bim Branch.​

Target: Clients based on the Prestige and Private Banking segments.

Minimum and Maximum amount: From 100,000.00 up to 1,500,000.00 MZN​;

Period: 60 months;

Interest ratePRSF + Spread;

Early settlement: exemption from early settlement commission (total and partial);


Insurance associated


Crédito Pessoal Prestige is associated with an attractive insurance package comprising:


        ​-    Life insurance: Guarantees the loan payment of the insured person in case of accident or disease, death, and total or permanent disability.


       -    Payment Protection Plan Insurance: Ensures the payment of benefits, in case of total or temporary incapacity for work or involuntary unemployment.


The loan transaction contract here advertised is subjected to its prior assessment, credit risk analysis and suitable provision of bank guarantees.​

To adhere to the Crédito Pessoal Prestige please contact your account manager.