First 15 days free of charge for new customers!

Subscribe to our Mobile Banking service and carry out transactions for 15 days without costs or commissions. It is IZI.


Millennium bim 


  • Available 24h a day on any mobile phone, from Mcel, Vodacom and Movitel networks;
  • Flexible, easy and safe to carry out transactions;
  • Accessible in Mozambique and abroad;
  • Available in 3 different mobile numbers;
  • Lower transaccional costs.

Millennium bim  ​


Millennium IZI is available anywhere and anytime through your mobile phone. Just dial *181#, insert the access PIN and follow the instructions. It does not require Internet access. Through this service you will have access to a universe of banking transactions (financial and non-financial).

Millennium bim


To gain access to Millennium IZI please visit any Millennium bim Branch and subscribe to the Mobile Banking service. If you have already subscribed to the service, access is automatic. Enter *181# on your mobile, insert the IZI PIN and follow the instructions. Consult here the terms and conditions of the service.

New feature:
Now the access can be made from 3 different cellular numbers, with the same level of security. To do so, the customer must only subscribe the service for their secondary numbers.

Millennium bim  ​


The subscription and usage are both free of charge. Transactions will be charged as per the Bank's Price List. Transactions made in the first 15 days after the service subscription are free.


Available transactions:

- Managing Current and Credit Card Accounts (Balances and Transactions); - Bank transfers;
- Manda Mola to mobile; - Credelec purchases;
- Airtime voucher purchase (Mcel /Movitel /Vodacom/TDM); - TV account balance inquiries (StarTimes/DSTV/GOTV/ZAP);
- Bill payments and Cash Directo e.g.: water, energy, tuition fees, TV Cabo, etc.; - Locking and unlocking cards (debit and credit);
- Activation and disabling of e-commerce functionality; - Cash advance of credit card values;
- Creation and management of IZI savings; - Travel insurance subscription;
- Credit card balance settlement;
- and much more.

IZI Withdrawal and INSS Payment.


Support contacts:
 21 35 00 350 | 82 35 00 350 | ​ 84 35 00 350 | ​86 35 00 350