Speed and safety:

Though the Western Union service, you can receive or send money with safety. This service is directed to individuals, Millennium bim Clients and non-Clients, who want to transfer money to and from anywhere in the world. 

  • ​Sending money: metical (MZN) or US dollars (USD);
  • Receiving money: only in metical (MZM).​
How to perform the transaction:

In order to perform a transaction, please visit the nearest Millennium bim Branch and fill in the corresponding application forms: Send money/Receive money. 


For domestic transactions you may send up to 5.000,00 USD daily (not exceeding the amount of 5.000 USD per month) or the equivalent in meticais. 

  • When sending money you can choose the following additional services: home delivery, telephone and message notification.
  • When receiving money, the Bank will forward a message to the recipient if the sender requests it.

When sending money, domestically or internationally, a transaction fee will be charged according to the Bank's applicable Price List, available for consultation at any Millennium bim Branch.​