​​​​​Depósito a Prazo Prestige Rendimento Mensal

180 days financial application with monthly payment of interest on current account, ideal for those who value the creation of a supplementary financial flow to their monthly income.

Depósito a Prazo Valorização

180 days financial application with monthly interest capitalization, ideal for those who want to build up a financial balance in the medium/long-term.


Interest rate

​​Gross Nominal Interest Rate (TANB) is fixed and it depends on the invested amount:

  • 500.000 MZN - 1.000.000 MZN​ : 7,00%​
  • Up to 1.000.000 MZN :​ 9,00%​​​​



180​ days

When establishing a term deposit, the debt value date in the current account is that of the day of the subscription date (D-day) as well as the respective credit held in the Client’s savings account.

At maturity and/or total or partial prepayment the applicable date (D) of the term deposit will be that of the credit value in the Client’s current account.  

Early mobilization

It is allowed total liquidation or early withdrawals, at any moment of the deposit term, with a penalty on interest of the month in which the liquidation or withdrawal takes place.

Minimum amount

500.000,00 MZN (equal amount to each of the applications)


Automatic renewals are not allowed.


Reinforcements are ​allowed.

Access conditions

Private Clients, holders of a Millennium bim current account in meticais.


  • Creation of a supplementary cash flow to your monthly income;
  • Guaranteed capital and ensured liquidity;
  • Simple applicati​on, safe and ideal for those who want to monetize their savings.

  • To establish this term deposit you can either:​​

    1.    Visit the nearest Millennium bim branch; or

    2.    Access your Internet Banking account and follow the steps bellow:

    a.    Select the current account that will be associated to the term deposit;

    b.    Define the initial amount;

    c.     Confirm the establishment of the term deposit;

    d.    Print the proof of the term deposit establishment;​ 

    Deposit’s revenues are subject to tax withholding corresponding to Stamp Duty (Imposto de Selo), at a 10% rate (IRPS Code, Law nr 33/2007 dated 31 of December).