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Plano Poupança Mulher

At Millennium bim we have an exclusive offer for all women  Plano Poupança Mulher. This term deposit allows the collection of savings in a disciplined way, building medium and long-term savings creation solutions:

  • Maturity: 365 days
  • Interest payment: Monthly
  • Minimum amount of constitution: 500,00 MZN
  • Minimal amount of reinforcement: 1,00 MZN
  • Early mobilization subject to penalty

  • The Plano Poupança Mulher gives you automatic access to a pre-approved credit line, up to 80% of the amount accumulated in the term deposit.

    Manage your savi​ngs without concerns.​

    Interest rate

    The Interest Rate is Variable according to the value of PRSF  (Prime Rate of the Financial System) at the beginning of each monthly  reckoning​.

    Monthly Interest Payment​

    • Up to 100.000 MZN for PRSF - 18,00%
    • Up to 500.000 MZN for PRSF - 16,00%​
    • Up to 1.000.000 MZN for PRSF - 14,00%​
    • Above 1.000.000 MZN for PRSF - 12,00%​



    ​Interest payment

    Interest rates are paid monthly.

    Early Mobilization

    Allow total or partial mobilization at any moment of the deposit term, with a penalty on interest of the month in which the liquidation or withdrawal takes place.

    Capitalization system

    The interest credit on the current account is optional. For such, the account holder is required to submit a declaration where he/she manifests this intention and notify the Bank on the date of the establishment or subsequent deadlines. In this last case, the credit of interest on current account will only apply to periods of subsequent interest.

    Access Conditions

    Have a current account;
    The Client is asked to establish monthly settlements in the Plano Poupança Mulher constitution act. 


    365 days


    The application will be automatically renewed for an identical period, with the interest rate in force on the term deposit renewal date and published in the Bank’s price list available for consultation at any Millennium bim branch​

    Capital Guarantee

    Guarantees payment of the entire amount deposited at maturity or in case of early mobilization.

    To establish this term deposit you can either:

    1.    Visit the nearest Millennium bim branch; or

    2.    Access your Internet Banking account and follow the steps bellow:

    a.    Select the current account that will be associated to the term-deposit;

    b.   ​Define the minimum amount of constitution and determine whether the interest will be credited into your current account or compounded into the term deposit;

    c.     Confirm the establishment of the term deposit;

    d.    Print the proof of the term deposit establishment;​ 

    Tax policy

    Deposit’s Revenues are subject to tax withholding corresponding to Stamp Duty (Imposto de Selo), at a 10% rate (IRPS Code, Law nr 33/2007 dated 31 of December).​