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Mulher Empreendedora is a credit solution that aims to support and finance activities related to female entrepreneurship in Mozambique. This solution allows Mozambican Women Entrepreneurs to grow and expand their business.

The Mulher Empreendedora Credit Solution financial charges are:

  • Commissions: A commission for the process organization will be charged according to the price list in force.
    Interest rates: An interest rate plus a defined spread in terms of credit risk will be charged. ​

Target Customers

Sole proprietorships and small and medium-sized enterprises managed by Women.

For limited liability companies and public limited companies, at least ¼ of the subscribed capital must be held by Women with the position of managing partner.

Associated Products:

- Escrow Current Account; 

- Promissory Notes Discount;

- Loan Account:

   •   Financing amounts: 

        o  Minimum: MZN 50.0000;

        o  Maximum: MZN 20.000.000.

   •   Term: 

        o   Minimum: 6 months;

        o   Maximum: 7 years.

   •   Interest rate: PRSF + 4%.

- Leasing: 

   •   Financing amounts: 

        o   Minimum: MZN 50.000;

        o   Maximum: MZN 20.000.000.

The financing should be about 80% to 90% of the value of the asset to be acquired.

   •   Terms: 

        o   New vehicles: Minimum of 18 months and maximum of 6 years; 

        o   Used vehicles and equipment: Minimum of 18 months and maximum of 5 years.

   •   Interest rates: PRSF + 4%, with a 1% bonus if insurance is subscribed at Millennium bim.

   •   Initial entry: 10% to 20%.

   •   Residual value: 2%.

Funding extended to all sectors of activity.

The contracting for the credit operations advertised here is subject to credit risk analysis and the possible constitution of guarantees that the Bank deems appropriate. 

If you wish to join the Credit Solution Mulher Empreendedora, contact your Manager, or visit a Millennium bim branch nearest you.