Millennium bim 


  • Available 24h a day;
  • Flexible, easy and safe to carry out transactions;
  • Accessible in Mozambique and abroad;
  • Lower transaccional costs.

Millennium bim  ​


The download of the application is free. However, to use internet you may be charged a tariff applied by your data service provider. 

Millennium bim  ​


Smart IZI is a Mobile Banking application available for smartphones and tablets with Androi and iOS operating systems. To access, enter your 4 digits PIN. The daily access to this application requires internet connection through mobile data or Wi-Fi.


Millennium bim


To adhere to the Smart IZI, please visit the nearest Millennium bim branch, subscribe the Mobile Banking; ​Download the application on App Store or Play Store; Register your mobile number; Enter the PIN associated with the Mobile channe​l; Enter and/or confirm the activation code and follow the instructions.

Available transactions:

- Managing Current and Credit Card Accounts (Balances and Transactions); - Bank transfers;
- Manda Mola to mobile; - Credelec purchases;;
- Airtime voucher purchase (Mcel /Movitel /Vodacom/TDM); - TV account balance inquiries (StarTimes/DSTV/GOTV/ZAP);
- Bill payments and Cash Directo e.g.: water, energy, tuition fees, TV Cabo, etc.; - Locking cards (debit and credit);
- Credit card balance settlement; - Creation and management of savings;
     - and much more.


Contactos de apoio:
 21 35 00 350 | 82 35 00 350 | ​ 84 35 00 350 | ​86 35 00 350