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The Soluções E​NI are an adequate offer designed to meet the business needs of individual entrepreneurs (ENI). Find below the benefits:

  • ​Term deposit solutions, with attractive interest rates to monetize treasury surpluses;
  • Solutions to support your business's current management, payments and collections;
  • Treasury support solutions;
  • Investment support solutions.

    Overcome the current market challenges by choosing financial solutions conceived according your business needs.​​

    The Soluções ENI subscription is free. The products and services that comprise this offer are subjected to commissions in accordance with the Bank's price list, available for consultation online, or at a Millennium bim branch.​

    This set of products and services – Soluções ENI - are aimed at individual entrepreneurs (ENI) that perform economic activities in various activities: customs agents, construction, pharmacy, decoration, clinics, teaching, hospitality and miscellaneous merchants, among others.

    Look below what we have to offer:

    ​Term deposits and savings

    DP Prestige Valorização

    Financial application to 180 days, with monthly capitalization of interest, ideal for those who value the creation of financial assets in the medium and long term.

    DP Prestige Rendimento Mensal

    Financial application to 180 days, with monthly payment of interest in current account, ideal for anyone who appreciates the creation of a supplementary financial flow to your monthly income.


    ​Day-to-day management, payments and collections

    Internet Banking

  • ​Service through which you can obtain information and make transactions through your account without having to visit the branch.
  • Enables you to consult balances, movements, statements, perform transactions and payments to suppliers, of wages and services, and much more.

    Prestige Gold Credit Card 

    s a credit card, which gives discounts of up to 20% on establishments commercial partners of Vantagem VISA Program, as well as access to benefits in the purchase of tickets at Cinemas Lusomundo.

  • POS + Conta Rentabilidade Mais POS

    Perfect combination to ensure a safe receipt of your payments.

    SPC –
    Payment and Collection System

  • ​Service that facilitates carrying out several mass payments, such as payment of wages, payments to suppliers and billing invoices.
  • Allow to perform quick and secure interbank, intrabank transfers or transactions for cell phone numbers, at a branch or via Internet Banking.

    Pagamento de Serviços
    and Cash Directo
  • Allows companies to provide to their customers, through the remote channels (ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking), the payment of bills incurred for services provided, and so ensure a process of reconciliation.
  • Ensures ease, simplicity, convenience, security and reduces administrative costs.

    Treasury Support

    Pledged Current Account

    ​Credit Solution appropriate to the day-to-day management of specific treasury needs. Consists in the allocation of an amount to the company so that it can handle according to its needs, without any predetermined depreciation plan, during the period of the contract.

    Overdraft facilities

    Consists on assigning an overdraft limit in the current account which allows you to keep an outstanding balance until the negotiated credit limit, for a specified period, satisfies the cash requirement needs.

    Discounted bills of exchange and promissory notes

  • ​Promissory note – debt securities through which the Bank provides a certain amount over a period of time agreed;
  • Bills of exchange - anticipation by the Bank of a debt securities value that the client has to obtain from a third party, deducting certain importance, proportional to the duration of the security.

                 Investment support

    Conta Empréstimo
  • Medium and long-term finance in local currency, that allows you to finance investment projects in your business;
  • Has total flexibility in terms of funding amount, term, repayment, interest rate (indexed or fixed), repayment grace period and associated insurances.

    Leasing of movable assets

    Right choice to expand your business purchasing equipment or car fleet, with payment arrangements appropriate to your income. Allows you to finance up to 90% of the cost of the asset to be acquired, with the minimum value of 100.00
    0,00 MZN.

    Bank Guarantees

    Is a document issued by the Bank at the request of your Client and in favor of third parties to which the Bank assumes the obligation, in accordance with the text of the warranty, to satisfy certain obligations, if these are not met on time and in full from your Client.