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Oferta Jovem is a differentiated offer, specific to young customers with ages up to 30 years.


Benefits associated with the offer:


• Access to a Jovem Current Account, without any minimum amount required for account-opening, when established in meticais;

• Debit Card with a differentiated image, in which you can benefit up from 15% of discount in commercial establishments, partners of Oferta Jovem;

• Access to Millennium IZI, an economical alternative to operate your account;

• Flexible savings account, specific for youngsters.


A complete offer, designed specifically for you!​

Oferta Jovem is free, with no membership costs associated. The costs associated with the usage of the products and services that comprise this offer, are published in the Bank's price list, available for consultation online, or at any Millennium bim branch.​

Oferta Jovem is composed by the following:

Current Account

Access to a Jovem Current Account, in national and/or foreign currency (USD), without any minimum amount required for account-of opening, when established in meticais. This Account is operated though Debit Card and Electronic Banking channels (Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and Millennium bim Call Center).

Debit Card Estudante

Debit Card with a distinct image, available to youngsters from 14 up to 30 years old, and with a personal accident insurance associated.

While using this card Clients can benefit from discounts at commercial establishments, partners of Oferta Jovem.

Savings Account Jovem

Though the Savings Account Jovem, you have access to a flexible 365 days savings plan with a minimum amount of establishment of 1 MZN. Interest can be credited in the current account associated with the savings account or capitalized on the savings account. Allow occasional or scheduled capital increase up from 1 MZN.​

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