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Here the detail marks the difference.



Solução Prestige is a specific offer for the Prestige segment, where customers benefit from a dedicated manager, privacy attendance and access to a set of products and services, tailored for the financial management of your assets.

-  Personalized services: attendance in a private space by a dedicated manager, with access to free wi-fi and parking lot.

(Parking lot conditioned to availability)

-  Electronic banking services: immediate access to Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and ATM service, assuring you greater convenience and flexibility.

-  Transactions: exemption of the costs associated with occasional banking transfers, when performed using Millennium bim accounts of the same holder, through Electronic Banking Services (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and ATM). 

 -  Debit Card: Access to a Prestige Debit Card, with insurance associated and directed to the holder.

  Credit Card: Access to a Prestige VISA Gold Card, which gives discounts up to 20% in the partners of the Advantage VISA Program.

  -  Insurance offer associated with the cards:
·         Personal Accident Insurance;

·         Third Party Family General Liability Insurance;

·         Purchase Protection Insurance.


Other Advantages: during the agreement period, 10% discount on the following insurances: Personal Accident Insurance, Workmen’s compensation for domestic workers – Total Protection, Motor Insurance - Fleet policy (minimum 3 vehicles) and House owners Insurance.

Prestige customers have free access to the Solução Prestige. A monthly fee will be charged according to the Bank’s Price list, to customers who do not meet the required conditions to be part of this segment but want to benefit from the advantages.

The products and services that comprise this offer are subjected to commissions in accordance with the Bank's price list, available for consultation online, or in any Millennium bim branch.​

​​ ​​Solução Prestige gives you access to various savings, credit and insurance options, designed to support you in the management of your financial assets.

Current Account

  • The  Prestige Account is a deposit account, in national currency;
  • Minimum amount of establishment: 25,000.00 MZN;
  • Transactional means available: cards, checks, Millennium bim Customer Line, Mobile Banking, and Internet Banking.


Debit Card

Allows you to make purchases and withdrawals in Mozambique and in any part of the world where the VISA network is available. You can also perform all operations offered by Millennium bim in our ATM network.

Credit Card

Gives you access to a permanent credit line with a period up to 50 days free of charge and allows flexible partial payment (10% to 100%).


Insurance offer associate to the Prestige Credit Card:

  • Third Party Family General Liability Insurance

Sum insured of 150.000,00 MZN per year; maximum of 25.000,00 MZN by sinister with a deductible of 1.500,00 MZN by sinister.

  • Purchase Protection Insurance

Sum insured of 150.000,00 MZN per year, maximum of 15.000,00 MZN by sinister with a deductible of 1.500,00 MZN by sinister.

  • Personal Accident Insurance

Sum insured of 20.000,00 MZN.​

To adhere to the Solução Prestige please visit the nearest Prestige Branches and subscribe to the following products:
  • Prestige Current Account
  • VISA Electron Prestige Card
  • Prestige VISA Gold Credit Card​