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The Solução Mulher (Woman Solution) is an offer consisting of products and services targeted to Female Individual Customers that gives them access to:
Electronic Banking Channels
Immediate access to the following Electronic Banking Channels:
  • ​Millennium bim Mobile;
  • Millennium bim Internet Banking;
  • Millennium bim ATMs..​​
  • ​ 

    The acquisition of the Solução Mulher (Woman Solution) is free of charge. However, the use of the products and services that make up the Woman Solution have their respective fees, which are published in the Bank's Price List available online or at any Millennium bim Branch.

    For the issuing and usage of the Cartão Mulher (Woman Card) an issuing fee and yearly usage fees are charged. In case of card substituition, a replacement fee is applicable, unless the replacement is due to card expiration.
    When the Current Account has an average balance below MZN 100,00 and has not registered any transactions for more than 6 months, an inactive account fee is charged according to the Bank's Price List, available online or at any Millennium bim Branch.















    Current Account
    The Conta Mulher (Woman Account) is a Current Account in local currency, where the first signatory is a woman.

    The minimum opening deposit is MZN 10.000,00.
    Transactions: VISA Electron Mulher (Woman) Card, Cheque Books, Transfer Orders, Linha Millennium bim (Call Centre), Millennium bim Mobile and Millennium bim Internet Banking.
    Debit Card
    This card is used for payments and gives you access to all ATMs and POS of Millennium bim and VISA International networks around the world.

    The VISA Electron Mulher (Woman) Card offers a wide array of discounts in various selected commercial establishments, as well as a Health Insurance that covers the following risks:

  • ​​Cancer of the Cervix medical treatment expenses
  • Maximum coverage of MZN 75.000,00 per year, with a 10% co-payment per claim and a 12 month grace period.
  • ​Breast Cancer medical treatment expenses
  • Maximum coverage of MZN 75.000,00 MT per year, with a 10% co-payment per claim and a 12 month grace period.
  • ​Child Birth Expenses
  • Maximum coverage of MZN 50.000,00, with a 10% co-payment per claim , with a minimum of MZN 2.500,00. It refunds expenses of two (2) child births per beneficiary, and it has a 18 month grace period.
    Note: Expenses refund is conditioned to expenses paid using a Millennium bim payment instrument (cards, transfers and cheques).
    Plano Poupança Mulher - PPM (Woman Savings Plan)
    Flexible and specific savings for Women, with an opening amount of your choice and a renewable period of 365 days, with monthly and timely additional deposits of your choice.
    Has attractive and advantageous interest rates, and the option to choose between capitalizing interests in the corresponding Current Account or in the Plano Poupança Mulher (Woman Savings Plan) Account.  
    Gives automatic access to a medium and long term Woman Automatic Credit Line of up to 80% of the term deposit. 
    Woman Automatic Credit Line
    Pre-Approved Credit Line available to Customers with a PPM (Woman Savings Plan) at 80% of the amount invested, payable in monthly intallments agreed with the Bank.
    The Solução Mulher (Woman Solution) gives you access to a diverse array of products and services for a better day-to-day management of your financial assets. 
    To apply for the Solução Mulher (Woman Solution) please visit any Millennium bim Branch and subscribe to the products and services that make up the solution.