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Conta Jovem is a current account, in metical or foreign currency (USD) aimed at particular Clients up to 30 years.


  • ​​​No minimum amount required for account-opening when established in meticais;
  • Access to the Estudante Debit Card and Jovem Savings Account;
  • Immediate access to Electronic Banking Services: Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and Millennium bim Call Center.

    Choose the right account for you!​


    Maintenance Fee

    Conta Jovem has no maintenance costs.

    Inactivity Fee

    Whenever the current account balance is less than 100,00 MZN and presents no activity for more than 6 months, an inactivity fee will be charged, according to the Bank's price list available online or at a Millennium bim Branch.​

    Access Conditions

    Conta Jovem is directed to all resident particular Clients, with ages lower or equal to 30 years. In the opening act of the Conta Jovem, Clients under 21 years old must be represented by their parents or legal representatives.


    Transactional means available

    The Conta Jovem can be operated through the following means:

  • ​Debit Card Estudante
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Millennium bim Call Center
  • Minimum account opening  

    There is no minimum account opening to accounts established in Meticais. When established in dollars, the minimum account opening is 100,00 USD.

    To open a Conta Jovem visit the nearest Millennium bim Branch. 

    Mandatory Documentation 

  • ​ID or D.I.R.E;
  • NUIT (Local Tax Identification).
  • Can a minor open an account at Millennium bim?

    Yes, but the account opening process has to be done by the parents or Legal Representatives. However, the minor will be the account owner. 

    Which documents should I bring to open a Conta Jovem?

    The follwoing documents have to be presented for each account owner:

  • ​​ID, Birth Certificate or D.I.R.E.;
  • NUIT (Local Tax Identification); 
  • Declaration of the employer for minors and workers.
  • It is necessary to open a new account to check and move my bills through Internet Banking?

    No. If you are already an account holder at Millennium bim, you are only required to visit a Millennium bim branch and subscribe to the Internet Banking service, which gives you immediate access to all of your accounts.

    How can I change the ownership of my account?

    To change the ownership of your account, to include a new signatory or remove a signatory, you must visit the Millennium bim Branch in which you have your account is held, along with all the other account holders, to formalize in writing the desired change.