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It is a Current Account in local currency that gives instant access to the Cartão de Débito VISA Electron (Debit Card), without the issuance and first annual fee charges. This account is for resident Individuals, for easy daily management of their financial transactions.

  • Current Account without minimum opening amount;
  • Instant access to the Bank's Electronic Banking Channels (Internet, Mobile and Telephone).

The Conta Cartão (Card Account) also gives you access to diversified options of Saving, Credit and Combined solutions of Products and Services to better daily mange your finances.


Maintenance Fee

The Conta Cartão (Card Account) does not have any maintenance fee or charge.

Inactivity Fee

For accounts with balances below MZN 100,00 and inactive for more than 6 months, an inactivity fee will be charged according to the Bank's Price List, available online or at any Millennium bim Branch.

Access Conditions

All Individual Clients, resident in Mozambique, have access to the Conta Cartão (Card Account).

Account Access

Debit Card, Millennium nternet Banking, Mobile Banking and Linha Millennium bim (Call Centre).

To apply for a Conta Cartão (Card Account), please visit any Millennium bim Branch.

Mandatory Documentation

  • ​ID Card or D.I.R.E;
  • NUIT (Local Tax Identification).
  • Who can open a Conta Cartão (Card Account) at Millennium bim?

    Anyone can open a Conta Cartão (Card Account), provided that he or she is an Individual resident in Mozambique.

    Which documents are mandatory to open the account?

    The follwoing documents have to be presented for each account owner:

  • ​ID Card or D.I.R.E;
  • NUIT (Local Tax Identification).