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…do you have a Project?
The size does not matter. If it is important for you, it cannot wait.
Start this project rigth now with the CNV - Crédito Nova Vida  (New Life Loan) that we have designed to help you make your big dreams or just your small pleasures come true, and take advantage of the following benefits:
 Simple Process
You just have to be receiving your salary at Millennium bim to be able to get a Crédito Nova Vida.
 Flexible Conditions
The CNV Loan has great flexibility of conditions, in terms of the financed amounts and terms.
Amount: from MZN 1.500,00 up to MZN 1.000.000,00
Term: from 6 months up to 60 months
The CNV gives you the best combination between the amount needed to materialize your dream, and the term which is more adequate to your cash flow.



There are 3 types of costs related with the Crédito Nova Vida:
A management fee is applicable for arranging or modifying the Loan.
Early Repayment
A penalty fee applies for early repayments in full or partial.
For further details, please check the Bank's Price List available online and at any Millennium bim Branch.


Short and medium term personal loan, where the Bank provides an agreed amount of money, for which a monthly repayment plan is agreed, incluiding principal and interests.

Terms and Amounts for the Loan

Loan Amounts
Up to 12 months
MZM 1.500,00
MZM 1.000.000,00
Up to 60 months
MZM 10.000,00
MZM 1.000.000,00


Associated Insurances
For the CNV, you must subscribe to a Life Insurance and a Payments Protection Plan. These insurances are both for protecting the Client's financial stability and the loan repayment (fully or partially), in case of:
  • ​Temporary absolute incapacity to work or involuntary unemployment;
  • Death or total and permament disability.
    Grant of the loans advertised here is dependent on its prior review and approval based on a creditworthiness assessment, and may require additional collaterals accepted by the Bank.


    In order to apply to a CNV, please: 

  • ​Visit a Millennium bim Branch or Contact your Relationship Manager and ask for a loan simulation; 
  • Obtain more information by calling us at:
    +258 21 35 00 35
    +258 82 35 00 350
    +258 84 35 00 350
    +258 86 35 00 350
    This way you will get all the necessary information to find the Loan and terms more adequate to your needs.

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