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Life Insurance that allows you to choose the best solution to ensure complete and effective protection for you and your family:

  • Choose the amount of capital that you want to be covered;
  • Choose the form of payment that better suits you;
  • Choose your beneficiaries.

In addition, ensure the capital employed for yourself, in case of Total and Permanent Disability.
Millennium bim Life Insurance ensures that, whatever happens, everything will be proviuded to your loved ones! 

​ ​​​


For the insurance for a 31 years old person and an insured capital of 200.000,00 MT, the policy premium will cost from 160,00 MT/month.

The first invoice will include MZN 30,00 of policy insurance costs plus Legal Charges.

For more information please contact any Millennium bim Help Desk and make a simulation.


Age Subscription

Individual persons between 15 and 60 years old, with the forced insurance cancellation after 70 years old.

Covered Risks

Risk of Death
Millennium bim Seguro de Vida (Life Insurance) covers the risk of death whatever the cause, by paying the amount chosen by the Client to the beneficiary. In case no Beneficiaries are appointed, shall be considered Beneficiaries those who, under the Act, are designated legitimate heirs of the Insured Person.


Total and Permanent Disability
The Vida (Life) Insurance guarantees payment of capital employed for this purpose to the Insured Person itself corresponding to a devaluation of 100%, provided that the injuries are equivalent to a devaluation above 66.6%. The Risk of Death and of Total and Permanent Disability accumulate, that is, if the Insured Person dies, compensation for death shall always be met, whether compensation for Total and Permanent Disability was already assigned or not.


Millennium bim Vida (Life) Insurance is cumulative with any other insurance. For example, if a Client has 3 Life Insurances, in case of death, all 3 capital insured will be paid in full to the beneficiaries.


To subscribe to this Insurance please visit any Millennium bim Branch, or contact your Relationship Manager.
Life (Insurance)
Contract whereby the Insurer, in return for the premium paid by the Policy Holder, pays to someone - the Beneficiary - a certain amount (Insured Capital) in case of life or death of the Insured. Includes the actual life insurance, rents, the capitalization and retirement fund management operations.
Insured Capital
The amount up to which a compensation is paid following a loss covered by the contract.
Natural or legal person to whom the Insurer provision reverses to resulting from an Isurance contract or a capitalization operation.
Amount payable by the Insurer in the event of a claim covered by the policy to repair the damage. In the Life Branch insurance there is no compensationt, strictly speaking, but delivery of the contracted value to the Beneficiary.
Defined as the sudden, fortuitous, unexpected and abnormal event due to the action of a cause external and foreign to the Policy Holder, Insured Person or Beneficiary's will.

Insurance Policy
Document which headlines the Insurance contract between the Policyholder and the Insurance Company, which contains its general, special, if any, and any specific conditions agreed.
Price payable by the Policyholder to the Insurer in exchange for the obligation assumed by the later that, in the case of a claim resulting on the hedged risk, there would be paid a compensation or delivered a certain capital.
Event or series of events specified in the Insurance contract of which its verification allows the trigger of the policy guarantees in the terms set herein.