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Seguro Multiriscos Habitação (Multi-risks House Insurance)

Insurance that offers compreensive coverage to ensure the protection of your home against unforeseen situations, covering damages caused to your house and its content, giving you the following advantages:

  • Coverage adjustable to your needs;
  • Simplified payment of premium;
  • Ease of claims participation;
  • Quick claim turnover time.
  • ​​​


    The insurance premium is calculated based upon the capital coverage, both in terms of premises and assets.

    Insured Item
    Annual Premium(1)
    2.500.000,00 MT
    2.156,63 MT
    950.000,00 MT
    1.341,90 MT

    (1) - The annual premium may be increased with the inclusion of additional coverage.

    Capital to Insure


    The capital shall correspond to the market cost of the respective reconstruction.


    Furniture and Personal Assets

    The capital shall correspond to the cost of replacing the goods, under contract, by their value when new. Descrimination of contents is not required for values under US $30,000. The maximum amount per individual object not discriminated should not exceed US $1,000.


    Base Coverage
  • ​Fire or Explosion;
  • Demolition, Rubble Removal, among others;

    Additional Coverages

    Starting from a base coverage composed by the risks presented, the Client may add additional coverages that best suits his/her needs, for example, against:

  • Storms;
  • Floods and landslides, among others.
  • Complementary Coverages are optional and may be made contingent on prior analysis of Millennium Seguros. 

    To subscribe to this Insurance please visit any Millennium bim Branch, or contact your Relationship Manager. 



    Life (Insurance)
    Contract whereby the Insurer, in return for the premium paid by the Policy Holder, pays to someone- the Beneficiary - a certain amount (Insured Capital) in case of life or death of the Insured. Includes the actual life insurance, rents, the capitalization and retirement fund management operations. 
    Insured Capital
    The amount up to which a compensation is paid following a loss covered by the contract.
    Natural or legal person to whom the Insurer provision reverses to resulting from an Isurance contract or a capitalization operation.

    Amount payable by the Insurer in the event of a claim covered by the policy to repair the damage. In the Life Branch insurance there is no compensationt, strictly speaking, but delivery of the contracted value to the Beneficiary.
    Defined as the sudden, fortuitous, unexpected and abnormal event due to the action of a cause external and foreign to the Policy Holder, Insured Person or Beneficiary's will.

    Insurence Policy
    Document which headlines the Insurance contract between the Policyholder and the Insurance Company, which contains its general, special, if any, and any specific conditions agreed.

    Price payable by the Policyholder to the Insurer in exchange for the obligation assumed by the later that, in the case of a claim resulting on the hedged risk, there would be paid a compensation or delivered a certain capital.

    Event or series of events specified in the Insurance contract of which its verification allows the trigger of the policy guarantees in the terms set herein.